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Research Grants

Mini-Grant Research Award

General Guidelines

$10,000 allocation to one to two projects to be conducted over the course of one year. Applications must be submitted no later than October 1, 2016. Announcement of award recipients will be made by December 1, 2016 with start date of January 1, 2017. Any questions concerning the application or guidelines should be addressed to Debbie Rogers from the NDTA Research Committee at


The NDTA research grant awards are provided for studies that investigate the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach with pediatric and/or adult populations by: A. advancing knowledge and understanding of NDT; B. determining the efficacy or effectiveness of NDT-based interventions; or C. validating the clinical hypotheses and techniques associated with NDT. Studies may be quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodolgy.

Potential topics include:

  • Studies focusing on the effects of specific handling or positioning techniques on functional outcomes
  • Studies contrasting Neuro-Developmental Treatment with other treatment approaches on specific functional outcomes
  • Studies investigating optimal delivery systems for the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach
  • Studies developing appropriate assessment strategies for the measurement of treatment outcomes
  • Studies contributing to the theoretical basis of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach
  • Teaching pedagogy for the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach
  • Pilot studies which will be used to seed a major grant application. Pilot studies must address one of the priorities stated above and include a plan for submitting a proposal to another funding source.


Maximum allowable per study is $10,000; proposals that budget for lesser amounts will be considered. Examples of how the funds could be used include: (1) research equipment, (2) supplies needed to complete the project, such as small supplies or computer software; (3) subject reimbursement; (4) consultants for research methods or analysis; (5) assistance with writing for publication. Money cannot be used towards travel except to conduct the research.

Purchase of Equipment

The NDTA reserves the right to keep any equipment where the purchase costs exceed $1000.


Grant recipients are strongly encouraged to submit a paper based on the study to a peer-reviewed journal. They are also responsible for disseminating the results of the study via an article in the NDTA newsletter.

Review Process

All applications will be reviewed by the NDTA Research Committee. All studies involving human subjects must be approved by a Human Subjects Review Committee through the mechanism at the applicant’s facility and evidence of compliance to HIPAA guidelines must be given prior to release of funds.

Submission of Proposal

To apply for the NDTA Mini-Grant Research Award, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download and complete the Proposal Application form.
  2. Create a separate blinded application. When preparing your blinded application file, be sure to black out ALL names, institutions, locations, and any other information that may identify the grant applicants.
  3. Upload both the original and the blinded documents in PDF format using the upload application link below applications will be reviewed by two blinded reviewers.

To be considered for the 2016 grant cycle, applications must be submitted below by October 1, 2016. For specific grant questions, please contact Debbie Rogers from the NDTA Research Committee at

Proposal Application

Download Form

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