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Seminar ID #18S22MDLOFL
Integrating the Head and Upper Body for Respiration, Swallowing, and Extremity Function

(3 days) . . . .March 14Ė16
Julie Pitz, NDTA Education Coordinator
800-869-9295 ē
Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT
Joyce Lyndelle Owens, SLP, C/NDT


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

8:00 AM NDT Update:  Emphasis on Problem Solving

9:00 AM Lecture and Lab:  Biomechanics and Function - From Bottom to Top

Base of support - sitting, standing

Rib cage

Shoulder girdle

Head and neck

Respiration and swallowing

10:15 AM Break

10:30 AM Patient Session #1

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Lecture and Lab:  Biomechanics and Function - continued

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Discussion and Lab: Patient Problem Solving and Treatment Planning

4:30 PM Adjourn

Thursday, March 15, 2018

8:00 AM Treatment Strategies: Where do they come from?

Function as the focus

Decisions re: addressing many problems at once

Varying handling to address different neuromotor system impairments

Critical upper body elements that make a difference

Recognizing problems, grading, and modifying for effectiveness

10:15 AM Break

10:30 AM Patient Session #2

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Lab - Treatment Strategies and Rationale:

Managing the pelvic girdle / rib cage connection in all planes and during movement

Managing the head and rib cage for respiratory support for all functions, including swallowing,

Managing the shoulder girdle for many aspects of function- making optimal decisions and recognizing the interaction between the shoulder girdle and other parts of the body

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Discussion and Lab: Patient Problem Solving and Treatment Planning

4:30 PM Adjourn

Friday, March 16, 2018

8:00 AM Problem Solving:

Recognizing relevant problems

When to let go - grading handling; designing home activities

Facilitating in function - how and why

9:45 AM Break

10:00 AM Patient Session #3

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Presentations and practice

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Case Studies / Take home messages / Summary

4:30 PM Adjourn

APPOT Approved
ASHA Approved
This seminar has been submitted for PT CEUís in the host state.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund of the course registration fee, less $50 administrative fee, will be granted upon receipt of a written request postmarked on or before 30 days before the first day of the course. Cancellations by the attendee less than 30 days from the first day of the course are not eligible for any refund.


 4399 Nob Hill Road, Sunrise, FL 33351

Tuition Information: $450.00 with your active
NDTA membership, or $600.00 as a non-member.
One year NDTA Membership $125


Target Audience: PTís, OTís and SLPís who have successfully completed the NDT basic certificate course.

Course Requirement:

Participants will be required to send the following items to the course instructor, by March 1, 2018, in order to participate in the class:

  • Copy of professional license
  • Evidence of malpractice insurance that will cover them during their participation in this course

 Please email to Monica Diamond:

Successful performance of functional activities with the upper body is dependent on effective functioning of the base of support (pelvis and LEís) integrated with control of the head, neck, rib cage, and shoulder girdle complex.

Participants in this advanced adult-focused course for NDT-trained therapists will develop greater understanding and skill in assessing and treating the upper body.  A thorough understanding of the alignment and control of the base of support is a necessary prerequisite for this course.

Course participants will increase their understanding of the control, interaction and integration of the rib cage, head, shoulder girdles and upper extremities for complex combinations of functions such as breathing, swallowing, phonation, and use of the extremities to achieve the functional goals of patients treated by all disciplines.

Lab practice, case studies, and patient participation will provide participants with opportunities to recognize and evaluate problems, understand ways in which treatment strategies for individual disciplines overlap, and develop skill in creating and implementing strategies to lead to functional and meaningful activities of the entire body, with an emphasis on the role of upper body components.

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