Is Your Facility Interested in Becoming a Center of Excellence? 

The NDTA Centers of Excellence program is designed to link NDTA membership, education, volunteer association support, and research support to designated therapy facilities and their clients. 

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Your first step towards becoming a Center of Excellence is becoming a facility partner. For more information regarding your first step, Click here to view the Brochure.
For questions, please email COE Committee Chair, Tori Rosenthal :


Centers of Excellence (COE) Facilities serve their communities by providing access to NDT trained and certified therapists in an environment that supports advanced clinical education, hosting NDTA sponsored courses, taking part in community outreach, while providing quality education and information to individuals with neuromuscular dysfunction and their families.

One-of-a-Kind Program

The COE Program is truly one-of-a-kind.  The Distinguished Activities your facility engages in will foster development for NDT research and education, community outreach, partnership with NDT therapists outside of your facility, and partnership amongst therapists and instructors within this association.

Showcase Your New Status

Upon successful designation, your COE will be granted approval to use the official COE logo on your facility’s website, marketing materials, press releases, letter heads, business cards and signs. You will be provided with a high resolution NDTA COE logo. NDTA will also send you a framed certificate to showcase your new status as well as give you access to a downloadable certificate copy.

Gain Exposure Through NDTA

NDT consumers and members will be able to search your facility on the NDTA website not only as a facility partner, but also as a COE. All COE's will appear in search results with a distinguished ribbon next to  facility name. Your facility logo, website and pinpoint global mapping of your COE’s location will be available on the NDTA website. 

New COE Application Documents

COE Application

Application Questionnaire

Renewing COE Documents


NDTA Centers of Excellence 


Children's Rehabilitation Institute Teleton USA - Since 2018

City Kids - Since 2013

Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley - Since 2019

Fundacion IDEAL Para La Rehabilitacion Integral - Since 2013

Healthsouth Sunrise Rehab Hospital - Since 2015

Lee Health - Since 2012

Mary Bridge Children's Therapy - Since 2014

Reach Therapy - Since 2012

The Center for Discovery - Since 2019


Mary Bridge Childrens logo

"Mary Bridge Children’s Therapy Services has been an NDTA Center of Excellence since 2014.  We serve both inpatients at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital as well as outpatients at our two clinics located Tacoma and Puyallup, WA.  We currently have 24 staff who have completed the pediatric NDT certificate course.  We are an organization that believes in the practice model of NDT with the focus of improving functional outcomes for all our clients from birth to 18 years of age.  It is a practice model that serves as a framework for the care that we provide our clients blended along with other practice models, i.e., sensory integration, DIR. As a COE, we benefit from NDTA education opportunities by being a host site for NDTA seminars over the years.  Our staff also contributes regularly to the NDTA Network.  Our outcomes with our clients reflects our success with using the NDT practice model as one of the many frameworks for care of our clients.  We currently use the WeeFIM  system wide for our clinics.  WeeFIM is a standardized outcome tool that measures functional independence for our clients. With the most recent report, MBCT had an overall 14% increase in score. MBCT had a Weefim point gain of 8.7 compared to the national average of 4.0 points. " - Sara Kerrick, PT, PCS, C/NDT

City Kids Inc. logo


"My practice, City Kids inc. has been an NDTA Center of Excellence for a number of years. We proudly display the sign in our busy waiting room and often get comments and questions about the definition of a Center of Excellence. NDT has been a part of our lives at City Kids for many years and we hold NDT courses regularly. The children (and their parents) that attend therapy at City Kids love to participate and ask frequently, “when is the next NDT course”? The NDT theory, practice and education has become part of the therapy culture at City Kids. We are proud and happy to practice a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach when designing treatment. Every therapist is excited to take the course and join this team management of the children we treat. Being a Center of Excellence increases the motivation, performance and productivity of every therapist, parent and child at our practice!"  - Kacy Hertz, PT, C/NDT

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