Centers of Excellence (COE) facilities serve their communities by providing access to NDT-trained and certified therapists in an environment that supports advanced clinical education. COE facilities host NDTA-sponsored courses, take part in community outreach, and provide quality education and information to individuals with neuromuscular dysfunction and their families.

Is your facility interested in becoming a Center of Excellence? 

COE_logoThe NDTA COE Program is truly one-of-a-kind.The COE program is designed to link NDTA membership, education, volunteer association support, and research support to designated therapy facilities and their clients. The distinguished activities your facility engages in will foster development for NDT research and education, community outreach, partnership with NDT therapists outside of your facility, and partnership among therapists and instructors within NDTA.

Upon successful designation, your COE will be granted approval to use the official COE logo on your facility’s website, marketing materials, press releases, letterhead, business cards and signs. NDTA will also send you a framed certificate to showcase your new status.

Your facility logo, website and a pinpoint global mapping of your COE’s location will be available on the NDTA website, along with a COE distinguished ribbon next to your name.


Apply to be a Center of Excellence

Your first step toward Center of Excellence designation is to become a Facility Partner. Here's how.

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Centers of Excellence are required to re-apply every three years. View the Path to Renewal.


 NDTA Centers of Excellence 


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