Benefits of NDT Certification 

  • Recognition for the knowledge acquired and the continuous process of updating information that is involved in being NDT therapists
  • Integrate current NDT theory and practice
  • Prestige in NDT certification accomplishments
  • Certifications are at times required by employers or state and local agencies
  • In some instances, courses used towards a re-certification are reimbursed at a different rate than CE courses that do not involve a certification
  • Click here to view the Certification Brochure
  • For questions, please email Certification Committee Chair, Carmen Pagen: carmen@milestonestx.com

Applicant Requirements to take an NDT/Bobath Approved Certificate Course

  1. Professional license in the state of residence.
  2. Current malpractice insurance.
  3. At least one year’s post graduate experience and current practice treating either children with cerebral palsy or adults with hemiplegia.

NDT Certification Requirements

  1. “NDT Certified” is, as of May 1, 2009 a legitimate title when the user has gained acceptance into the NDT Certification program.  Acceptance is gained through application and review by the National Office. 
  2. Individual must have successfully completed one of the below NDTA sponsored and approved Certificate Courses
  3. Hold active NDTA membership. Any lapse in membership will cause a deactivation of NDT Certification.

Application Process

If applying within 12 months of the successful course completion:

  • Submitted within 30 days of the course end date, the application fee is $0.
  • Submitted after 30 days of the course end date, the fee is $150.

If applying after 12 months of course completion date:

  • An NDTA approved live course of 12 hours in length, such as NDTA Seminar or Advanced Course, must also be submitted. NDTA Annual Conferences can be submitted as long as 12 hours of live educational sessions are attended. CE hours earned from non-educational sessions will not count towards the 12 hour live course requirement.  The application must be submitted within 12 months of the successful completion of that course.
  • The application fee is $150.

Continuing Education Requirement (20 Contact Hours)

20 hours of continuing education are required per 3 year certification period:

  • 8 hours minimum must be in NDT training which can include:
  • 12 hours can be completed in any profession-related courses. These hours do not need to be NDT related.

1 hour of instruction = 1 contact hour of continuing education. NDT hours for re-certification may be obtained by attending either pediatric or adult courses.

NDT Recertification Requirements

  1. Hold active NDTA membership
  2. Obtain 20 hours of continuing education within the 3 year certification time period (see section above for specific information)
  3. Enter all profession related hours and NDTA Annual Conference hours as an "External Event Credit" into your "CE Bank" located on your NDTA account page under "Account Actions". Credits earned by successful completion of NDTA sponsored courses (seminars, advanced courses, distance learning) will automatically be added to your CE Bank.
  4. Make the $150 recertification fee payment. A $50 late fee will be applied after the 60 day grace period. Application for recertification is permitted 6 months prior to the C/NDT™ expiration date. Early recertification does not change initial certification date. Retired NDTA members are given a 50% discount for NDT Recertification.

NDT Certification for Foreign Trained NDT/Bobath Therapists

Pathway to Certification for foreign trained NDT/Bobath therapists:

  1. Show proof of successful completion of the basic course.
  2. Successfully complete an NDTA Approved Advanced course with patient practicum. You must identify yourself in writing to the instructor prior to registration to an NDTA Advanced Course. An additional fee of $200 USD will be paid to the NDTA Advanced Course Instructor(s) for supervision and evaluation.
  3. Receive a letter of recommendation from the advanced course Instructor accompanying your NDT Certification application.
  4. Hold active NDTA membership
  5. Apply for NDT Certification within 90 days of successfully completing the Advanced Course.

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