Do I need to be a therapist to be a member?   
Anyone can join and be a part of the NDTA! Membership has its benefits, including discounted tuition on all education, access to the bimonthly NDTA newsletter and much more! Please visit Become a Member and select the appropriate membership category to join. 
How can I get more involved with the organization?

NDTA is a volunteer driven organization. Volunteers participate on various committees to complete projects to support all aspects of the organization, including membership, education, conference and more. Please visit our Committees page and contact the appropriate Committee Chair to get involved!

How do I find an NDT Trained or NDT Certified therapist in my area?
Click on Search in the top menu. Use the search criteria to focus your search. 
How can I purchase NDT books?
Visit the NDTA Marketplace to look through our current inventory. To purchase the textbook Neuro-Developmental Treatment: A Guide to NDT Clinical Practice, please visit Thieme publishers directly*. Note: NDTA Members receive a 25% discount!*
I am not a therapist; can I still attend a NDTA course?

Yes. Many of our seminar and conference educational opportunities are also intended for non-therapist audiences. The NDTA Certificate Courses and Advanced Courses, however, are for licensed OT, PT, and SLP.


What are the applicant requirements to take an NDTA Certificate Course?

1. Professional license in the state of residence.

2. Current malpractice insurance. 

3. At least one year's post graduate experience and current practice treating either children with cerebral palsy or adults with hemiplegia.


I do not see a course in my area; what are my options?

All of the currently scheduled courses are listed online. Courses are always in the process of being planned, however they cannot be posted online until all details are finalized. Please note that courses are run based on the willingness of facilities to host a course and the availability of an instructor to teach the course. Therefore, if you are interested in hosting at your facility, please visit our Host a Course page. 

What is an NDTA Facility Partner? 
An NDTA Facility Partner is a group membership, including one primary contact and three additional facility employees for $350 (valued at $500). All members added through the facility must be a therapist practitioner and/or an assistant therapist. Unlimited additional therapists within the facility can be added to this membership program for an additional $95 each (valued at $125 each). The Facility Partner Membership is the first step toward identification and application for the NDTA Center of Excellence program.
What is an NDTA Center of Excellence?
NDTA Centers of Excellence (COE) is a program which will link NDTA membership, education, and research to therapy facilities and their clients. Centers of Excellence (COE) facilities are a locus of NDT expertise and training. To become a COE, please visit our COE homepage

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