EventStart DateEnd DateCE Credit
Hemiplegia and the Shoulder Girdle: NDT Strategies for Assessment and Treatment (21W05KK), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT 1/16/20211/16/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Let’s Get Walking! Gait in Pediatrics (21W01SD), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 1/19/20211/23/2021 NDT Approved Credit 12.00
Practical Intervention Strategies to Develop Perceptual Awareness in Clients with Neurological Impairments: Pediatric and Adult NDTA Contemporary Practices Align (21W06TSLP), INTERMEDIATE, ADULT, PEDS 1/27/20211/29/2021 NDT Approved Credit 6.25
Functional Task Analysis: An NDT Perspective (21W09KWCC), INTERMEDATE, PEDS 2/6/20212/6/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Improving Your Practice: Intro to NDT for the SLP (21W07PTCP), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT, PEDS 2/9/20212/9/2021 NDT Approved Credit 2.00
Why Work on the Trunk? (21W15LB), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 2/12/20212/13/2021 NDT Approved Credit 8.00
Introduction in the Use of Fabrifoam: An Adjunct for Effective Outcomes in the Treatment of Clients with Neuromuscular Impairments (21W13GRBL), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT/PEDS 2/18/20212/18/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Feeding Disorders: Expanding Clinical Observations to Examine Critical Aspects of Development and Feeding/Swallowing Physiology (21W02TMMN), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 2/19/20212/20/2021 NDT Approved Credit 6.00
Feeding Disorders: Multi-System Analysis of the Whole Child (21W08TMMN), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 2/27/20212/27/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Practical Intervention Strategies with a focus on Movement & Speech/ Language Development for the Child with ASD: A Contemporary NDT Approach (21W16LPBM), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 3/4/20213/4/2021 NDT Approved Credit 4.00
NDT Strategies and Problem Solving for Children with Cerebral Palsy (21W12GRBL), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/9/20213/9/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Assessment and Treatment of the Baby via NDT- A Webinar for Pediatric Therapists (21W14KH), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 3/13/20213/20/2021 NDT Approved Credit 9.00
Digging Deeper Into Task Analysis (21W10KWCC), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/13/20213/13/2021 NDT Approved Credit 4.00
Video Analysis of NDT Strategies for Children with Cerebellar Movement Disorders (21W11GRBL), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/23/20213/23/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00


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