NEW!!  Webinars indicated as "C/NDT Level" are designed exclusively for therapists who have completed the NDTA™ Contemporary Practice Model Certificate Course for Adults or Pediatrics.

EventStart DateEnd DateCE Credit
Teresa Siebold & Leslie Paparsenos - Practical Intervention Strategies to Develop Perceptual Awareness in Clients with Neurological Impairments: Pediatric and Adult NDTA Contemporary Practices Align (21W46TSLP), INTERMEDIATE, ADULT/PEDS 10/22/202110/22/2021 NDT Approved Credit 7.00
Kacy Hertz - Assessment and Treatment of the Baby via NDT (21W32KH), INTRODUCTORY , PEDS 11/6/202111/13/2021 NDT Approved Credit 9.00
Katy Kerris - Hemiplegia and the Shoulder Girdle: NDT Strategies for Assessment and Treatment (21W49KK), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT 11/6/202111/6/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Katy Kerris - Problem Solving Impairments in the Distal Upper Extremity (21W52KK), INTERMEDIATE, ADULT 11/6/202111/6/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Kim Westhoff & Chris Cayo - Functional Task Analysis: an NDT Perspective (21W51KWCC), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 11/9/202111/9/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Kim Barthel & Mary Hallway - Clinical Reasoning of Upper Extremity Function (21W48MHKB), C/NDT, Peds 11/19/202111/19/2021 NDT Approved Credit 8.00
Jodi Renard - Spasticity Assessment and Treatment Options – A Therapist’s Role (21W45JR), INTERMEDIATE, ADULT 12/9/202112/9/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Katy Kerris - Tools for Improving Function in the Hemiplegic Upper Limb An NDT Approach (21W50KK), INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE, ADULT 12/10/202112/10/2021 NDT Approved Credit 15.50
Kim Westhoff & Chris Cayo - Digging Deeper into Task Analysis (22W01KWCC), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 1/24/20221/24/2022 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Suzanne Davis - Infant Handling Intensive (22W02SD), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/1/20223/10/2022 NDT Approved Credit 12.00

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