NEW!!  Webinars indicated as "C/NDT Level" are designed exclusively for therapists who have completed the NDTA Contemporary Practice Model™ Certificate Course for Adults or Pediatrics.

EventStart DateEnd DateCE Credit
Gail Ritchie/Brenda Lindsay - NDT Strategies and Problem Solving for Children with Cerebral Palsy (21W12GRBL), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/9/20213/9/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Kacy Hertz - Assessment and Treatment of the Baby via NDT- A Webinar for Pediatric Therapists (21W14KH), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 3/13/20213/20/2021 NDT Approved Credit 9.00
Kim Westhoff/Chris Cayo - Digging Deeper Into Task Analysis (21W10KWCC), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/13/20213/13/2021 NDT Approved Credit 4.00
Katy Kerris - Tools for Improving Function in the Hemiplegic Upper Limb An NDT Approach (21W22KK), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT 3/19/20213/21/2021 NDT Approved Credit 15.50
Margo Haynes/Holly Holland - Combined Approach to Treatment for Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy (CATCH): A New Integrative Intervention Specifically Designed for Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy (21W26MHHH), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/22/20213/24/2021 NDT Approved Credit 6.00
Gail Ritchie/Brenda Lindsay - Video Analysis of NDT Strategies for Children with Cerebellar Movement Disorders (21W11GRBL), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/23/20213/23/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Mary Hallway - Treatment of Sensory and Motor Issues in Young Children Birth to Three through Blending Approaches: Neuro-Developmental Treatment(NDT), Sensory Integration(SI)and Other Approaches (21W18MH), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/26/20213/27/2021 NDT Approved Credit 6.00
Colleen Carey - Using the NDTA Contemporary Practice ModelTM to Drive Function and Participation in Children with Neuromuscular Impairments (21W24CC), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 3/29/20213/29/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Oacy Veronesi - Introduction to the Use of the Ball Based on the NDT Clinical Model (21W23OV), INTRODUCTORY, PEDS 4/3/20214/3/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Karen Guha - Managing the High Tone UE: A Virtual NDT Webinar (21W29KG), INTRO/INTERMEDIATE, ADULT 4/15/20214/15/2021 NDT Approved Credit 4.00
Jodi Renard - Movement Analysis - Making Sense of Your Patient’s Movement Strategy Choices (21W20JR), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT 4/24/20214/24/2021 NDT Approved Credit 6.50
*C/NDT LEVEL ONLY Kim Barthel - Attunement With Your Heart and Your Hands (21W21KB), PEDS 4/27/20214/27/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Teresa Siebold - Why is My Client Struggling to Do That? Applying a NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT) Framework to Develop a Priority Impairment List (21W28TS), INTRODUCTORY, ADULT 5/16/20215/16/2021 NDT Approved Credit 4.00
Kate Bain - Measuring Success! Clinically Friendly Outcome Measures of Family Requested Participation Level Functional Change Following NDTA Contemporary Practice ModelTM Intervention (21W19KB), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 6/30/20217/3/2021 NDT Approved Credit 16.00
Suzanne Davis Bombria - Let’s Get Walking! Gait in Pediatrics (21W27SD), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 7/6/20217/10/2021 NDT Approved Credit 12.00
Teresa Siebold/Leslie Paparsenos - Practical Intervention Strategies to Develop Perceptual Awareness in Clients with Neurological Impairments: Pediatric and Adult NDTA Contemporary Practices Align (21W30TSLP), ADULT, PEDS 7/13/20217/15/2021 NDT Approved Credit 7.00
Colleen Carey - Using the NDTA Contemporary Practice ModelTM to Drive Function and Participation in Children with Neuromuscular Impairments (21W25CC), INTERMEDIATE, PEDS 7/14/20217/14/2021 NDT Approved Credit 3.00

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