Dual Certification involves the successful completion of BOTH Adult and Pediatric Certificate courses

Application Process

You must apply for both pediatric and adult certification:

If applying within 12 months of the successful course completion:

  • submitted 30 days after of the course end date, the fee is $225.
  • submitted within 30 days of the course end date, the fee is $0 for the initial certification period.

If applying after 12 months of course completion date:

  • The application fee is $225. 


  1. Hold active NDTA membership
  2. Obtain 30 hours of continuing education within the 3-year certification time period
    • 12 hours minimum of NDT training (pediatric and/or adult related) taught by an active NDT instructor through NDTA or other educational organizations.
    • 18 hours can be completed in any profession-related courses. They do not need be NDT related.
  3. Log all Profession-Related hours and NDTA Annual Conference hours as "External Event Credit" into your "CE Bank" located on your "My Account" page. The hours earned from Distance Learning, Seminars, and Certificate Courses purchased though NDTA will be automatically added to your CE bank upon successful completion.
  4. Pay the $225 re-certification fee. A $50 late fee will be applied for those re-certifying after the 60-day grace period.

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