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Managing Children with Dystonia: The Therapist's Perspective

Christine Cayo, OTR, C/NDT and Linda Kliebhan, PT, C/NDT
1 Continuing Education Credit(s) Available
Dystonia is a term currently used to describe a movement disorder that is one of the classifications of cerebral palsy, but is also seen in other conditions. Historically, it was at times referred to in cerebral palsy as a sub-type under the broader classification of dyskinesia or athetosis. Confusion resulting from the terminology has made correct diagnosis difficult and has been challenging for the therapist in regard to determining appropriate treatment strategies. This article will update the terminology and provide a clinical perspective on treatment strategies related to dystonia and choreoathetosis in cerebral palsy.

Educational Level: Intermediate

At the completion of this distance learning article the participant will be able to:

1. Discuss the definition of dystonia including itís clinical characteristics , and differentiate between inherited, acquired, or idiopathic forms.
2. List a minimum of 3 body systems that are impacted by dystonia and describe a minimum of one impairment in each of those systems that is commonly observed in children with this diagnosis.
3. Identify a minimum of 3 treatment strategies that can be used to influence dystonia related impairments.
4. Identify a minimum of 2 types of equipment or adjuncts that are beneficial for children with dystonia and discuss the rationale for their use.

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