Practice Makes Perfect: Designing Home Programs That Work (14DLV101) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 2.75
Can Movement Make Us Smarter? (15DLV103) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 2.50
From Analysis to Action via NDT (15DLV102) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 2.50
Up, Up, and Away! Exploring the Environment (15DLV101) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 2.50
Neural Plasticity: Foundation for Neurorehabilitation (16DLV103) NDT Approved Credit 3.00
Problem Solving and Advanced Handling for Function (16DLV101) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 5.50
Promoting Neuroplasticity: Timing Matters (16DLV104) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 2.00
NDT through the Lifespan (16DLV102) PEDS ADULT NDT Approved Credit 5.50
The Foundation of NDT, Making It Invisible in the Classroom (18DLV101) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 2.50
The Learning Curve: A Journey from Childhood to Adulthood (18DLV105) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 2.75
Looking Forward: Progressing Interventions for the Individual with Severe Involvement (18DLV103) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 5.50
Moving & Doing-Functional Outcomes of NDT: An NDT Randomized Controlled Trial (18DLV102) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 2.75
Lights, Camera, Action: An Inside Look at the NDT Practice Model (18DLV104) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 2.75
NEW VIDEO: Upright & Midline: A Collaborative Practice Approach to Addressing Postural Control & Perception (19DLV101) ADULT NDT Approved Credit 3.00
NEW VIDEO: Understanding, Capturing, and Quantifying Functional Motor Behavior (19DLV102) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 5.00
NEW VIDEO: Motor Development: Embodied, Embedded, Enculturated, and Enabling (19DLV103) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 3.00
NEW VIDEO: Using Adapted Ride-On Motorized Toys to Enhance Movement and Participation (19DLV105) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 1.00
NEW VIDEO: What's That I Feel? Perception and Its Impact on Motor Abilities in Children (19DLV106) PEDS NDT Approved Credit 3.00


Integrating Motor Development, Motor Control, and Motor Learning Theories in NDT Practice (17DLA101) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Cerebellar Pathophysiology in Children Born Preterm: Implications for NDT Practice (13DLA101) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
The Relationship of the Quality of Posture and Movement to Outcomes of Intervention (13DLA102) NDT Approved Credit 2.00
A Team-Based Approach to Spasticity and Orthopedic Management of Ambulatory Children with Cerebral Palsy (14DLA102) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Incorporating Interactive Metronome® in the Treatment of Movement Disorders (15DLA101) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Considering Cognition: How to Assess and Treat Deficits of Cognitive Awareness (15DLA103) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Challenges and Opportunities Using the NDT Framework for Patients with Severe Involvement (15DLA104) NDT Approved Credit 2.00
Determining a Client’s Severity of Disability Using the GMFCS, MACS, CFCS, EADCS, and Functional Emotional Developmental Levels (15DLA105) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Writing Functional Goals/Outcomes for Our Patients with Severe Pediatric Onset Disabilities (15DLA106) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Managing Children with Dystonia: The Therapist's Perspective (16DLA102) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Appropriate Trunk Control Outcome Measure for Complex Patient with Stroke across the Continuum of Care by Derek Steele & Tools of the Trade: Assessments for Trunk Control by Dora Gosselin (17DLA102) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Outcomes for the Pediatric Therapy Environment: The Outcome Measure Group (OMG) (17DLA103) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
Designing Effective Home Programs (18DLA101) NDT Approved Credit 1.00
NEW ARTICLE: NDT Research and Clinical Support for an Enduring Philosophy AND Development of the Bobath (NDT) Approach: Where Did It All Begin? (19DLA101) NDT Approved Credit 1.00


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