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Can Movement Make Us Smarter?


Adult - Distance Learning Videos

Instructed by Cathy Hazzard, B.Sc, MBA, PT, C/NDT

Synopsis of the Course:

As therapists we’ve long known, or at least assumed, that physical activity was beneficial for our clients. Mostly we assumed it would help with building functional strength, range of motion, improving coordination, cardio-The arsenal of research to validate these beliefs has grown over the past few decades. But did we even think, let alone have solid research studies, that physical activity could enhance our brain function both at the cellular and the functional level? Can physical activity (aka exercise, movement, task practice) improve our cognition? The answer to this question is yes but depends; a typical NDT course answer. Do all types of movement practice influence cognition? What are the parameters for physical practice to ensure brain capacity is enhanced? As clinicians working within the NDT Practice Model, we know that traditional exercise isn’t adequate to maximize our clients’ outcomes. We must work in functional tasks paying attention to both the quality and quantity of practice.

This workshop will explore the research validating movement’s role in supporting cognitive function. We will discuss how to design and then practice developing intervention programs that include adequate aerobic and resistance challenge; two critical components for brain change, within functional activities that our clients want and need to perform.

At the conclusion of this session participants will be able to:
1. List the salient parameters of physical practice that influence cognitive functioning in humans.
2. Differentiate between typical exercise and functional practice.
3. Apply these parameters to intervention planning for clients in functional activities and contexts.
4. Demonstrate the ability to integrate these concepts and make informed intervention choices.


Chapter 1
Credits: 2.50
Member Price: $50.00
Non Member Price: $100.00

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