March - April 2014 • Early Intervention
Volume 21, Issue 2

A Team Approach to Infant Management in India
Main Feature
By Asha Chitnis, PT, MPT, C/NDT; Anaita Udwadia-Hegde, MD (ped), MRCPCH (Lond), Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology; Gayatri Hattiangadi, M.Sc (Speech & hearing); Trupti Nikharge, M.Sc OT, C/NDT;
Neonatal mortality is the key indicator of national newborn care, and it directly reflects prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care. The Neonatal Mortality Rate ([NMR], defined as infant death before 29 days postnatally) in India is amongst the highest in the world, especially in rural India. This is basically due to unavailability of quality neonatal care and trained manpower at the grass roots level. Click for more

NDTA Program Development Successes and Plans
Message from the President
By Jennifer Inglett, PT, DPT, PCS, C/NDT President, NDTA
Congratulations to our NDTA committees and volunteers. Because of your steadfast commitment to program development, 2014 is on pace to being one of our most successful years for the association and membership. Click for more

News from Around NDTA
Network Editors
NDTA welcomes new Center of Excellence, MultiCare Pediatric Therapy Services; NDTA Distance Learning; Upcoming NDTA Seminars; Protect yourself and your practice with affordable malpractice insurance; NDTA Centers of Excellence Click for more

Looking Back to Look Forward
Clinician's Corner is available to NDTA members and non-members
By Debra Kray, PT, C/NDT
Have you ever started seeing a new client and wondered why a movement pattern developed the way it did? Sometimes we are fortunate enough to start working with a child in early infancy, so we can address concerns as they emerge when the baby's life has a simpler rhythm, which is centered on eating, sleeping, and playing. Click for more

Member Spotlight
Whitney Hoard
By the NDTA Membership Committee
Whitney currently works for The Rehabilitation Hospital which is part of the Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Florida, an NDTA Center of Excellence for the adult population. Click for more

NDTA 2014 Conference Session Preview
Neuroplasticity, Contemporary NDT, and Evidence Interconnected?
Presenters: Kate Bain HScD, OT, C/NDT, NDTA OT Instructor; Suzanne Davis Bombria, PT, C/NDT, NDTA Coordinator Instructor
Concurrent Session, Saturday, MAY 17, 2014, 2:00 6:00 pm Click for more

My State's Early Intervention Agency Has Switched to the Coaching Interaction Style
Can I Still Use My NDT Handling Strategies?
By Monique Kramer, PT, DPT
When I first began using the coaching interaction style during sessions with my families in early intervention (EI), I hesitated to show parents any NDT handling strategies. The coaching style, as I understood it, was not to tell the parents what to do or turn them into therapists1 but to include the parents as equal partners in the analysis, planning, and carrying out of strategies in their child's development.2 So where, if at all, does NDT belong in the coaching approach? Click for more

College, a Job, and a Vocation as Matchmaker
Family Perspective
By Nancy A. Jaekle
A bigger campus, a larger student body, and many more opportunities awaited me when I transferred to Kean College. This four year institution was only a quarter mile from my house, which was one of its most appealing features. Click for more

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