July - August 2001 • Vision
Volume 8, Issue 4

The Effect of Visual Dysfunction on Motor Development
By Christine Nelson, PhD, OTR, and Raquel Benabib, MS
Baby Ruth arrived for therapy at eight months of age. She could maintain sitting alignment when placed but had not progressed to transitioning to a variety of positions. She did not place herself in a four-point support (hands and knees) and resisted being placed by an adult. This resistance took the form of placing her head in forward flexion and pushing both legs into extension. She had not “liked” the prone position when younger. Neuro-developmental handling focused on lateral alignments with transitions into and out of prone that emphasized trunk rotation. Click for more

Strategic Planning Update
Message from the President
Debra Paul, President, NDTA, Inc.
Change is inevitable. As an organization, we need the tools to manage change effectively. Strategic dialogue is one of these tools. When utilized to identify action plans, strategic planning can be a catalyst for change and can play a vital role in moving an association successfully into the future. Click for more

News from around the NDTA
Network editors
Coming Soon! The NDTA 2002 Conference; Vision Video Review -- Cortical Visual Impairment in Young Children Click for more

Helen Mueller: 2001 Award of Excellence Recipient
Feature Article
By Carol Nuñez Parker, OTR
As the instructors, Board of Directors and Regional Chairs gathered in Albuquerque, N.M. in May, it became clear that there was tremendous admiration and support for Helen Mueller, the 2001 NDTA Award of Excellence recipient. A “wine and cheese social” was the backdrop for this year’s award ceremony. Friends and colleagues gathered and helped us learn more about Helen. Click for more

Clothes Make the Kid
Parent's Perspective
By Naomi Angoff Chedd
It was the 1960s. Fathers went to work and mothers stayed home. Most kids went to their local public schools. Boys signed up for Little League baseball and girls played with Barbie dolls. At least that’s how it was in my middle class suburban neighborhood. And clothes? We all wore Wranglers and Keds, then mini skirts, bell bottoms, love beads and platform shoes. Our parents frowned upon our fashions and loathed our long hair. We thought we looked fab. Click for more

Vision Contributes to the “Why”
By Janet Powell, PhD, OTR/L
For more than 20 years, I have used the questions posed by Berta Bobath to guide my evaluations and interventions when working with people with neurological impairments: “What can the person do and how?” and “What can’t the person do and why?” However, it has only been over the past 10 years that I have come to appreciate the role of vision in the “why” of the second question. Click for more

A Parent’s Journey with Her Child and His Blindness
Parent's Perspective
By Amy Norwood
Bobby and I had been married four years and were eager to start a family. In July 1993, our wish was granted and we were elated to find out that we were soon to be parents. During the first three months of my pregnancy, everything seemed to be progressing smoothly. Then, on December 16, 1993, I began to have contractions. Click for more

2002 Clinical Research Grant Award
NDT Announces 2000-2001 Clinical Research Grant Award
Network editors
The research committee of the NDTA is pleased to announce the availability of clinical research grant awards. These grants are awarded to support the investigation of the effectiveness of neuro-developmental treatment with pediatric and/or adult populations. In awarding these grants preference will be given to members of the NDTA. Click for more

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