November - December 2009 • Life in the Community
Volume 16, Issue 6

NDTA on the Move!
Message from the President
Pam Mullens, PhD, PT, President, NDTA, Inc.
Strategic planning is essential to keep any organization fully functioning and prepared for the future. The Board of Directors of NDTA met face-to-face in Laguna Beach recently to plan the direction of NDTA. Click for more

Who Says You Can’t Play the Game?
Developing Sport Opportunities
By Gay L. Girolami, PT, MS
Twenty–five years ago, Pathways Center in Glenview, Illinois opened. We determined that ensuring integration of our clients, infants and children diagnosed with conditions which affect their motor, sensory or communication, into their home, school, and community would be a large part of our mission. Since that time, it has been our practice to seek out partners to accomplish this goal. Click for more

News from around the world of NDTA
Network editors
News from the Membership Committee -- What's New to NDTA?; Call for Nominations -- Award of Excellence 2010; 2010 Annual Conference: Call for Posters Click for more

Australia, Eh?
Clinician’s Corner articles are available in their entirety for both members and non-members
By Krista Fraser, MEd; OT, RegNB
As a pediatric occupational therapist working on a neurological rehabilitation team, I am constantly surrounded by therapists with “magic hands.” You know the ones I mean—those gentle souls who softly guide their children to move, maintain postures in perfect alignment, communicate, and complete functional tasks all with a touch of their hands. Their sessions are child-led and yet miraculously effective. In my pre Neuro-Developmental Treatment practice, I wanted my sessions to look like that. I wanted magic hands. Click for more

Anthony Takes the Right PATH
Independent Living through Person-centered Life Planning
By Patti Murphy
Anthony Zarick, 22, loves company, talking on the phone, and online social networking. His friends are priceless to him. And despite his cerebral palsy and limited natural speech, he’s found a way to stay involved in both school and his community in Bristol, Connecticut. Click for more

The Joy of Working the Soil
The Seattle Children’s PlayGarden
By Elizabeth Bullard
The Seattle Children’s PlayGarden was founded seven years ago with the shared belief that all children regardless of their levels of abilities have the right to play and that we as a community have a responsibility to ensure that all children have access to safe and accessible outdoor play spaces. Click for more

The Privilege of Flight
CP is No Barrier for This Pilot
By William “Skip” Loebig
In July of 2005 I embarked on learning to fly. The average person might imagine this is a formidable task, but for me there was an added hurdle to over come. I am a 46-year-old man and I have Cerebral Palsy (CP). Click for more

The Spray of the Snow, the Hiss of the Skis
Adaptive Skiing Brings Thrills
By Janine Blythe
My nine-year-old daughter, Shannon, is a skier. And she’s better than I am (well, most people are better at skiing than I am so it’s not a fair comparison). My daughter is a skier and she’s good. She skis down mountains that make a lot of other people nervous... My daughter has quadriplegic spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy. Click for more

Opportunities for Early Mobility
By Lori Potts, PT
Facilitating Gait Practice
It is an exciting time in the field of early intervention physical therapy. Current findings in movement science are advancing our views of best practice. Click for more

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