March - April 2010 • Special Conference Preview Issue
Volume 17, Issue 2

In Recognition of Excellence
Message from the President
By Pam Mullens, PhD, PT
February 2010 drew attention to excellence. Technology brought the performance of the athletes from the Olympic Winter Games to the homes of many people throughout the world. The elegance of skaters, the speed and control of skiers, and the skill and daring of snow boarders and ski jumpers enchanted us. Many athletes from all over the world came to contribute their best in numerous forms of winter games. NDTA has a large contingent of members from Canada. Click for more

What is Clinical Reasoning?
Main Feature
By Mary-Margaret Windsor, ScD, OTR/L
In my experience, most therapists prefer to garner knowledge through experience or in a workshop format rather than through reading. To be honest, I begrudgingly agreed to write an article about clinical reasoning, seeing it as a scholarly activity based on professional knowledge visited many years ago. I am glad I wrote this article. Click for more

News from Around the World of NDTA
By Network Editors
NDTA Corporate Partners, Announcing the new NDTA Corporate Partner Membership Program! Click for more

Gateway to Success!
NDTA 2010 Conference Preview
Featured Conference Speakers
You might come to St. Louis for the music or the history—or because the people are friendly, the climate is temperate and the area is convenient and easily accessible. But more likely, you’ll want to come for the extraordinary education being offered at the NDTA 2010 National Conference! Especially designed for the NDT practicing clinician, this practical educational program provides opportunities to improve your clinical reasoning and handling skills. Click for more

To a Not-so Different Drum
Canada Teen Surmounts Barriers, Achieves Musical Success with Peers
By Patti Murphy
When we say that folks move to the beat of a different drum, it usually means that they tune out the rest of the world while pursuing personal dreams. But chances are it means pretty much the opposite for eighth grader Madi Leal, and literally so. Her unique challenges set her apart from the other Dragon Drummers at Jean Little Public School in Guelph, Ontario, Canada in some obvious ways. Click for more

Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference (SoPAC) Promotes NDT Philosophy
Feature Article
By Dora Sole
For me, NDT has been the foundation of how I learned to approach treating a child. During PT school, I had the amazing opportunity to have Jan McElroy, MS, PT, PCS, C/NDT and Brandy Dallas, PT as clinical instructors. Jan and Brandy’s expertise, combined with clinical and classroom time with Laura Case, PT, DPT, MS, PCS, C/NDT taught me the basics of development, the importance of function within the client’s environment and how and why facilitation of movement may be a strategy to improve function. Click for more

A New Way to Look at HEP— Home Exercise Programs
By Jeanna Alvarez OTR/L, Jennifer Chang MS, OTR/L, & Dana Payne OTR/L
It was the last day of our pediatric NDT certification course and the morning of graduation. We had passed our practical and written exam! We had said our goodbyes to our practicum children and had thrown a great party for them the day before. We had presented for the last time (or so we thought) during great adjunctive presentations. Click for more

The Joy of Special Needs Motherhood
Family Perspective
By Linda Merritt
Having a special needs child is like having every emotion all at the same time, all the time. Love, joy, pain, moment we’re laughing and squealing as we hear the Blue’s Clues music come on, the next we’re crying as he suddenly realizes “Mommy, I can’t dance!” Click for more

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