March - April 2008 • Baby Conference Preview
Volume 15, Issue 2

The Therapist’s Place on the Team
Development and Assessment of the Preterm Infant in the NICU
By Diane Versaw-Barnes, PT, MS, PCS, and Audrey Wood, PT, MS
This article will provide a brief overview of sensorineural and musculoskeletal development in the preterm baby, as well as the assessment process for infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Pediatric physical and occupational therapists bring a distinct set of skills to the (NICU) team. Based on our backgrounds in anatomy and movement sciences, we therapists have expertise in qualitatively evaluating movement. We also are the team members with the knowledge to predict how the baby’s present experiences may affect future posture and movement for functional skills. Click for more

Spring Forward
Message from the President
Therese McDermott, MHS, CCC-SLP/L
As I write this message, we have just begun daylight savings time. The action of setting our clocks ahead has become a clear indication that spring is near. Those of us living in the Midwest, (I am in Chicago, IL) may have our doubts as we continue to brave cold and possibly snowy days, but we know it’s almost time to “Spring forward!” Click for more

News from around the NDTA
NDTA Network Editors
Congratulations to Dr. Rona Alexander, Recipient of the 2008 Award of Excellence; News from the Membership Committee; Regional Networking a Hit at Gait Conference; ‘Tis Better to give; 2008 Conference Scholarship Awards; Call for Posters: 2008 Annual Conference Click for more

Presenting the Proof
New Evidence Supporting an NDT-based Intervention
By Mary Rose Franjoine, PT, DPT, MS, PCS
A review of “Effects of a Neuro-Developmental Treatment-Based Trunk Protocol for Infants with Posture and Movement Dysfunction” by Sherry W. Arndt, PT, DSc, PCS; Lynette S. Chandler, PT, Ph.D.; Jane K Sweeney, PT, Ph.D., PCS; Mary Ann Sharkey, PT, MS, Ph.D.; Jan Johnson McElroy, PT, MS, PCS in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Spring 2008; Volume 20, Issue 1, pages 11-22. Click for more

Providing the Hope of Mobility Through Physical Therapy in Peru
Around the World
By Jodee Fortner, MSPT
My heart was touched forever when I went to Peru to do physical therapy. I will never forget little Claudia who could not walk and who received a wheelchair last year so she could keep up with her peers independently at school. Her teacher emailed me a video of Claudia pushing her chair down the street in a school parade. This year she received orthopedic surgery and started learning how to take steps with a walker. Click for more

Hands On
Clinician’s Corner articles are available in their entirety for both members and non-members
By Mary-Margaret Windsor, ScD, OTR/L
Recently I was asked if I had used any new products in my pediatric practice. I was reluctant to admit that my work now is somewhat limited and in my present world, even a therapy ball may be considered “high tech.” Click for more

Sneak Previews
Thoughts from upcoming Conference Speakers
Susan Blackburn RN, PhD FAAN, Mijna Hadders-Algra, MD, Ph.D., Erin Sundseth Ross, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
The three featured guest speakers for the upcoming NDTA National conference, “NDT: The Foundation of Treatment for Babies During the first Year of Life,” give a preview of their conference sessions. You won’t want to miss the main event on May 28 to June 1, 2008, in Anaheim, California. Click for more

Cool Wheels
Freedom Concepts’ Adapted Bikes
By Sara Williams, MPT
Play is a critical component of a child’s health and well being, whether he or she is fully functional or physically challenged. Pediatric physical therapists incorporate play into their treatment sessions because it can lead to increased functional abilities by improving trunk and head control, building cardiovascular endurance, and increasing strength, balance, and range of motion. One aspect of play is the pure fun of riding a bicycle. Click for more

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