July - August 2008 • Creating Successful Therapy
Volume 15, Issue 4

Does Therapy Really “Work”?
A Comparison of Interventions and Impact
By Beth A. Loving, MS, OTR/L, ATP
Why is therapy successful for some individuals and not for others? I work at a day program for adults with developmental disabilities; most of the individuals have both a cognitive and physical disability. In this setting there are many contributing factors to the long-term effectiveness of treatment/therapeutic interventions. This article compares and contrasts the experiences of two individuals who received various levels of therapeutic interventions and how their understanding of the benefits of treatment would impact their daily lives and level of independence. Click for more

Combining Research and Clinical Knowledge
Message from the President
Pam Mullens, PhD, PT, President, NDTA, Inc.
The 2008 NDTA Baby Conference included presentations based both on scientific research and on clinical knowledge derived from learning and experience. It provided the opportunity to listen to and compare the results of these two methods of information gathering. Click for more

A Family Force
A Determined Young Girl and Her “People”
By Chris Cayo, OT
In life we all have out “people”— the people we consider most valuable. They are the forces that help us through day-to-day dilemmas. These people are always there for us, from little things like sharing laughs over a cartoon to issues more complex and deep. Sage has been blessed with good “people,” her incredible family. Click for more

Sharing Treatment Responsibilities: A Model for Post-surgical Rehabilitation
Clinician’s Corner articles are available in their entirety for both members and non-members
By Janet Howle, PT, MACT
Children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy have movements that are often dominated by stiffness. If the major cause of that muscle stiffness is spasticity, the child may benefit from selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), the neurosurgical procedure that reduces muscle tone by selectively cutting the dorsal rootlets to provide a better balance between stiffness and flexibility. Successful SDR depends on client selection, a coordinated neurosurgical program, and intensive post-op physical therapy. Click for more

Membership Corner
News for NDTA Members
NDTA Network Editors
News from the Membership Committee; New NDTA Clinical Applications Book in the Works; Wow! What a Resource! Check out the NDTA Website Improvements... Click for more

Maintaining an Adaptive Mindset
Balancing Therapy Tasks with Just Plain Childhood
By Janine Blythe
As any parent would do, I wake up each morning with an idea of what my day and my daughter’s day might, or rather should, include. Decisions abound for any parent as to how you help structure your child’s day, what you’ll push, what you want to work on, and so forth. Click for more

Funding for Your Study!
Member Resources
October 15, 2008 is the Deadline for Small Grant Applications
The 2009 NDTA research grant award of $5000 will be given to one to two projects to be conducted over the course of two years. Applications must be postmarked no later than October 15, 2008. Announcement of award recipients will be made in February, 2009. Click for more

Member Resources
NDTA Network Editors
NDT/Bobath Seminar: Problem Solving for Function: An NDT/Bobath Pediatric Handling Intensive Course; NDTA Sponsored 3-week Certificate Course: NDT/Bobath Certificate Course in the Management and Treatment of Adults with Hemiplegia Click for more

Lending Library Materials
Member Resources
NDTA Network Editors
Check out the excellent selection of publications, vedeos, tapes and CDs available from the Lending Library and fill out an order form! This is a great member perk! Click for more

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