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A Heartfelt Thank You

I am fortunate to be part of a strong leadership team for the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA). The NDTA has a very active board of directors (BOD) as well as multiple active committees chaired by some very talented and committed individuals. The people involved in leadership for the NDTA meet at least monthly with their committees, and many people have more than one meeting per month. I wanted to take this opportunity to share their names with the NDTA membership, to acknowledge these people’s commitment to the NDTA, and to thank them for their service to you, our members.

The NDTA Board of Directors and committee chairs well represent our membership. Within this group of therapists, all discipline groups are represented with occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech and language pathologists. Both adult and pediatric therapists are represented as well as the NDTA Instructors Group and academia. All therapists have completed the NDT certification course for either adult-onset or pediatric-onset neurological disorders. Many on our NDTA leadership team have also completed advance degrees in their field of practice.
There are currently eleven people on the NDTA Board of Directors. The current board includes the following people:

  • Sara Kerrick / President
  • Brian Edmunds / President Elect
  • Jane Styer-Acevedo / IG Chair
  • Pam Ward / IG Chair Elect
  • Robbi Farrow / Treasurer, Finance
  • Jackie Grimenstein / IG Representative
  • Kris Gellert / IG Representative
  • Annelise Potgieter / Member-at-Large
  • Jean Lyons / Martens Member-at-Large
  • Daniel Fowler / Member-at-Large
  • Lezlie Adler / Member-at-Large

At the end of October, The BOD transitions with some members leaving and new members joining. This fall, Gay Lloyd Pinder, Barbara Hodge, and Teresa Gutierrez all transitioned off the Board after many years of service. I want to personally thank them for all the time and energy they have committed to the NDTA for many years and wish them the best in their future.
There are many committees and task forces that are part of the NDTA, including the Instructors Group. The Instructors Group also has many subcommittees that are very active. These committees are chaired by:

  • Jane Styer-Acevedo / Executive Committee
  • Judi Bierman / Theory
  • Gail Ritchie / Curriculum
  • Pam Ward, Chris Cayo / Implementation
  • Monica Diamond / Definition
  • Kate Bain, Debbie Evans Rogers / Research Liaison
  • Cathy Hazzard / Bridging the Gap
  • Chris Cayo, Monica Diamond / NDT Definition Group
  • Wendy Kline / Course Review
  • Timmie Wallace / Grievance
  • Suzanne Davis Bombria / Peer Review/Quality Control
  • Suzanne Davis Bombria / Candidate Review

There are numerous committees that are hard at work to fulfill the mission of the NDTA. The NDTA Committee chairs are as follows:

  • Joyce Jaixen / Education
  • Kim Westhoff / Conference Planning
  • Tori Rosenthal / Centers of Excellence
  • Robbi Farrow / Finance
  • Bruce Kuluris / Membership
  • Marcia Stamer / Publications
  • Carmen Pagan / Certification
  • Janet Powell / Research
  • Lezlie Adler / Marketing Task Force
  • Kay Folmar / Fundraising Task Force
  • Teresa Siebold / IT Task Force

The NDTA is also very fortunate to have a supportive and talented group of professionals working with us in our national office. We currently have four professionals who help to manage our day-to-day operations, run our education offerings, and support the Board of Directors, the Instructors Group, and various committees. They’re always readily available for the NDTA leadership team and also for all members. Our National Office staff includes:

  • Brad Lund Executive / Director
  • Katherine Pinkerton / Director of Education and Instructors Group Management
  • Kajsa Mashaw-Smith / Membership Services and Event Planner
  • Julie Pitz / Director of Seminar Education

I have completed one year of my two-year term as President of the NDTA. I could not do my job and continue to serve the NDTA and its members if it were not for all the people mentioned above. I am so grateful for their time, their knowledge, their talents, and their commitment to the NDTA. We are a strong organization that will continue to thrive because of them. I sincerely thank and am so appreciative of each and every one who serves as part of the NDTA leadership team.

- Sara Kerrick, PT, PCS, C/NDT
President, NDTA

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