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Q & A Purpose and Etiquette

The information and recommendations contained in the Instructor Q & A are the opinions and experiences of the instructor posting the information. The purpose of the Instructor Q & A is to provide the Members of NDTA with a forum to exchange knowledge, assistance and experiences. However, do not use the information contained herein as your sole source of information. Use this information as a guide, as it is intended only to stimulate and enhance clinical decision making. As always, the clinician must design and implement a treatment plan appropriate to each individual patient.

The Instructor Q&A is a MEMBERS ONLY BENEFIT.
If you are not a member of NDTA, we encourage you to view a sample question and answer by clicking here. As a non-member of NDTA you are able to access our NDTA Public Discussion Board. We encourage you to submit any questions you might have on our Discussion Board where you will be able to communicate with the membership of NDTA. You will also be able to view additional questions and answers on varying topics from the entire NDTA membership. To join NDTA, CLICK HERE.

The NDTA Instructor Q & A has been developed to create a forum where NDTA Members can discuss, provide input and exchange ideas regarding a range of subjects relating to issues of importance to our patients. The NDTA Instructor Q & A is not intended, and may not be used for commercial marketing purposes. Discussion of specific vendor products and services should be in the realm of evaluation or problem solving. Nor should the NDTA Instructor Q & A be used to attack vendors, nor air personal grievances. They also are not intended to be used as a forum for personal attacks or unprofessional communication at any time.
Violators of these policies will be reminded of the policy guidelines and may be removed from participation, by NDTA, without further notice.
It is our intent to create an open forum where all sectors of our industry can come together to discuss their evaluation and treatment issues, and other topics of importance, for their patients.

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